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Shelby Starnes E-Book Bundle


All six of my e-books are sold in one bundle package for$49.95
The Macronutrient Guidebook:
This handy reference guide makes macronutrient-counting and meal planning simple.
The Simple Guide to Very Low Carb Diets:
This handy reference guide makes setting up a low carb diet easy and understandable.
Lean Gain Principles:
This off-season diet guide makes setting up a mass gain diet easy and understandable.
Fat Loss Diaries:
This book chronicles the journey of Marc Bartley's transformation from a 303-pound powerlifter to 194 pounds of bodybuilding perfection.
The Healthy Bodybuilder:
This book covers some of the most important health markers for physique competitors to pay attention to.
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Tips and Tricks for Dieting Success: From time saving tips for food preparation to novel supplements and creative ways to make diet foods taste better, this book contains a multitude of tips to make your dieting easier, fun, and more successful.